HLT23215 Certificate II in Health Support Services

  • Course level: All Levels
  • Categories Health
  • Last Update July 31, 2020


The Value of Teamwork in the Workplace | Robert Half

Units of Study:

CHCDIV001 – Work with diverse people

CHCCOM005 – Communicate and work in the health or community services

HLTWHS001 – Participate in workplace health and safety

HLTWHS005 – Conduct manual tasks safely

BSBWOR203 – Work effectively with others

HLTINF001 – Comply with infection prevention & control policies & procedures

CHCCCS020 – Respond effectively to behaviors of concern

BSBFLM312 – Contribute to team effectiveness

BSBWOR202 – Organise & complete daily work activities

BSBWOR204 – Use business technology

HLTAID003 – Provide first aid

CHCCCS010 – maintain a high standard of service

Topics for this course

106 Lessons


Introduction to our course
Student Feedback Survey 1 AQTF (June)
Student Feedback Survey 2 ASQA (November)

1.1 Opportunity & Success?

1.1 Opportunities & Success Learning Objectives: - Understand the course requirements - Get to know each other and the messaging features - Discover job prospects in the health & community sectors

1.2 Opportunities & Success?

Learning Objectives: - Explore Australia’s diverse history and its importance to today’s economic and social strengths - Understand what influences who you are - Identify different concepts of diversity - Explore social & cultural awareness - Work towards social inclusive and safe environment - Appreciate the benefits of inclusiveness -Discover different resources that support diverse persons within the community

2.1 – What makes us diverse?

Learning Objectives: - Structured reflections on personal bias - Explore cultural diversity in Australia - Discuss & reflect on the Mercy ship documentary -Discover the Australian Immigration museums online resources

2.2 – Human needs & Human rights?

Learning Objectives: - Look at Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs - Understand the declaration of human rights - Explore current Legislations & standards in relation to working with diverse persons

3.1 Respecting diversity – ASSESSMENTS?

Assessments: Instrument 1 - Tables Instrument 2 - Multi choice quiz Instrument 3 – True/False questions Instrument 4 – Short answer Reflective piece Instrument 5 - Practical ZOOM; Group work Case Studies

3.2 Behaviours of concern?

Learning Objectives: - What is a behaviour of concern - Explore what causes behaviours of concern - Learn acute, first response strategies for dealing with behaviours of concern

4.1 Behaviour Plans?

Learning Objectives: - Explore long term strategies for managing behaviors including environmental changes, teaching new skills and personal empowerment - Look at industry care models - Understand the need for cognitive behavioral therapies - Complete a behavior assessment

4.2 Managing behaviors – ASSESSMENTS?

Assessments: Instrument 1 - Tables Instrument 2 - Multi-choice Quiz Instrument 3 - Video case study, The ABC method Instrument 4 - Video case study, Behaviour management plan Instrument 5 – Video case study, immediate response strategies Instrument 6 - Practical ZOOM; Post-incident consultation meeting

5.1 Worksafe Australia?

Learning Objectives: - Define WHS codes of practice - Discover WHS Authorities & workplace representatives - Explore the different roles and responsibilities - Understand how WHS meetings, Inspections & consultations work - Identify important safety Signs - Outline emergency procedures, including the use of emergency codes

5.2 Workplace hazards?

Learning Objectives: - Learn to identify hazards and risks - Undertake a workplace Inspection - Identify and report incidents

6.1 Manual hazards?

Learning Objectives: - Discover manual handling risks - Explore good manual handling techniques - Understand correct systems of work including layouts & ergonomics - Outline the correct use of mechanical aids


Assessments: Instrument 1 – Tables Instrument 2 – True or False Instrument 3 - Risk matrix and controls Instrument 4 – Short answer questions Instrument 5 - Practical ZOOM; WHS consultation meeting Incident report (death of a worker)

7.1 Infections?

Learning Objectives: - Understand the difference between a Microbe & a Pathogen - Identify the chain of infection - Outline the basis for infection & susceptibility - How to use standard precautions, PPE - The different types of cleaning & reprocessing - Waste, linen & sharps controls -Discover clean & dirty zones - Learn how to Donning & Doffing PPE - Complete the Microbe Characteristics Vs Spread & Control activity

7.2 Infection prevention?

Learning Objectives: - Practice cough etiquette -Understand hand care & hand hygiene - Complete hand Hygiene Australia online certificate -Discover the principles of aseptic & sterile technique - Play the infection control game and see if you can control the spread of disease -Watch the preassessment videos on vital signs, BGL monitoring, Tubes & implanted devices

8.1 Infection control – ASSESSMENTS?

Assessments: Instrument 1 - Tables Instrument 2 – Multichoice quiz Instrument 3 - True or False Questions Instrument 4 - Short answer questions

8.2 CPR & First Aid (including ASSESSMENTS)?

Learning Objectives: - CPR Principles - Legal & ethical issues around the provision of first aid - First aid principles - Complete written first aid documentation correctly

9.1 The Australian healthcare system?

Learning Objectives: - Understand how the Australian healthcare system works - Look at different funding models - Assess what patient centered-care means for clients - Explore the future for healthcare - Look at organizational structures including lines of communication - Understand the different roles within the multidisciplinary team

9.2 Customer service?

Learning Objectives: - Explore what makes quality customer service - Understand consumer rights & health legislation - Look at workplace policies & procedures - Discuss informed consent & disclosure laws including mandatory reporting - Understand the Duty of care - Review policies around dispute resolution and complaint handling

10.1 Communication skills?

Learning Objectives: - Explore the different types of communication -Understand what makes effective communication & the importance of effective communication - Discover the principles of active listening -Practice motivational interviewing & asking the right questions for the purpose and content -Learn about Empathy & building Rapport - Test your emotional intelligence

10.2 Written communication & Documentation?

Learning Objectives: -Discuss barriers to effective communication -Look at different communication restraints within the work setting - Explore different communication aids within the workplace -Learn how to use interpreting services - Written communication -Record keeping -Using industry terminology - Practice written communication within the work role

11.1 Technology in the workplace?

Learning Objectives: - Define technology -Advantages Vs disadvantages of technology - Choosing the right technology -Understanding the different medical technologies -Identifying security issues & backups -practicing correct ergonomics - understanding responsibilities surrounding consumables -Outline maintenance/servicing requirements & faulty equipment procedures

11.2 Teamwork?

Learning Objectives: - Look at the stages of group development -Discuss Vision statements -Look at leadership styles -Explore motivation & the use of incentives -Assess required skills & training in relation to teamwork -Addressing development opportunities -Look at poor performance Vs misconduct

12.1 Organise & complete work tasks?

Learning Objectives: - Practice Goal setting, Planning, Brainstorming & mind maps -Discover S.M.A.R.T goals & S.W.A.T - Plot Time frames -Avenues for seeking feedback -Explore continuous improvement opportunities & Performance appraisals

12.2 Integrated workplace learning Docs – WEEK 1?

Learning Objectives: - Complete your chosen integrated workplace assessment task -Complete the tasks below including a weekly blog entry - completed the performance appraisals - Complete the multichoice quiz

12.2 Integrated workplace learning Docs – WEEK 2

12.2 Integrated workplace learning Docs – WEEK 3

12.2 Integrated workplace learning Docs – WEEK 4